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Providing a high quality service for your air conditioning system, our Residential air conditioning crew works closely on the four main components Condenser, compressor, Evaporator and Expansion Valve, so that the indoor air quality may be free from hazards and truly protected. Specializing in all the types of air conditioning services, here at JRS Air we take into account your homes air conditioning system and modify them as is necessary to receive optimal climate conditions

And thus refining your home to assure a higher quality of air and taking into consideration the following:

• Makes use of environmentally-friendly refrigerants like R-410. R22, R32

• Utilizing the highest quality in materials and servicing at regular intervals so that our customers and clients may not have to pay that hefty electricity bill.

• Free quotes

• Affordable price


In business you often need to look at the bigger picture, as sometimes a repair is not sufficient to fix your commercial air conditioning system. This is when our commercial air conditioning professionals take the stage by handling all the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning repairs and service which includes cooler, refrigerator, coils, condensing unit, cases compressors and freezers.

Why use JRS Air?

• Affordable price

• Reliable and professional service

• Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

• repairs, maintenance, or a brand new system installed,

• Flushing / clearing condensate drain pipes

• Checking all electric connections

• Checking and adjusting as necessary of thermostats / controls

Serving our customers with the best quality of air conditioning installation and services across Wollongong, we go that extra mile by combining technology, insight and design so that the performance of your air conditioning system may remain optimal and enhanced.

To receive fast and efficient service across Wollongong call us at: 0477-168-887/info@jrsair.com.au


JRS Air provide professional Aircon Repairs and Services to Commercial, Residential and Industrial sectors throughout Wollongong , Illawarra & surround NSW regional area. We pride ourselves in offering quality and professional service that ensures we have satisfied customers that are happy to use us again and happily recommend us.

• Design and Installation of New Air Conditioning Systems

• Servicing and Maintenance

• Regular Maintenance Program

• Breakdown Service

We also offer a Regular Service Program, where we will come out to your home or office on a scheduled basis to service the air conditioning systems, so you don’t have to remember to call us. Many commercial leases stipulate that the tenant must service the air conditioning systems regularly. Book in an initial Service and we’ll advise you whether we recommend monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly servicing of your air conditioner depending on your usage and how dirty the system will get.


With summer on the horizon, the air conditioning industry is in high demand -an air conditioning installation can be an expensive investment. And as it requires a skilled technician to execute the job, our staff at JRS Air are the right choice that you can rely on, as those rapid service and maintenance calls are being addressed by our experienced team at JRS Air Wollongong, ensuring that it continues to operate at its peak efficiency.

The best ways to accomplish this is by providing our customers with best advice for the area they wish to condition, this involves

• Examining area-Analyzes the space so that the right KW size is calculated to maintain that perfect temperature

• In-depth inspection of roof cavity to ensure the indoor unit can be fitted

• Upholding the warranty-Most major brands have 5 years warranty

• Improved energy efficiency- we will design the right air conditioning set up, so as to provide an effective heating and cooling effect, but also using the least amount of energy possible.


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